Blockbusters, a 1/2 hour reality reno show with grit and heart. Sephton Spence, our head contractor of "Divine Restoration" fame is back in his new role as drill Sergeant and mentor as he sets-out to restore dignity to communities in need. A series where hope and perseverance are rewarded and where "block" members discover that they can┬ámake a difference with the odds stacked clearly against them.   Where myth, legend and the supernatural collide head-on with the human elements of tragedy, guilt, desire, and memory. Where one family seeks redemption. And where the truth of a young woman's disappearance is anything but self evident.   Boys Night Out is the feature film adaptation of the ground breaking novel by James R. Wallen.

"Portnoy's Complaint and Boy's Night Out are two of the only books to send me into choking fits of laughter in public."
- The Globe and Mail.

"A dark and extremely funny preambulation through downtown Toronto."
- Toronto Star.